100% Alberta Owned Sign Rental Company

100% Alberta Owned Sign Rental Company

100% Alberta Owned Sign Rental Company.  In May 2018 Federated Coop stores in Alberta announced they will now be only selling 100% Alberta beef.  To announce their new dedication to Alberta ranchers, Leduc Coop has changed their roadside temporary portable signs to display their 100% Alberta Beef campaign.

Using their logo, and the high resolution design from Alberta Beef, Sign Guru Edmonton South was able to create a completely custom sign image that has a large display and uses some of the same graphic design material used in stores.  We were able to boost their existing advertising campaign using our large roadside changeable billboard.

Alberta Sign Rental Company

As the client wants to advertise weekly specials from this product line, we designed the image so that the sale item can be easily inserted into the picture without incurring large costs for full size roadside sign image printing.

Edmonton Sign Rental Company

Oh, and by the way, Sign Guru Edmonton South is a 100% Alberta owned Sign Rental company.

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