Portable Sign Rental

A portable sign rental is what we do best! As a business owner you obviously know the pivotal role that advertising plays in your business, it a matter of very great importance that you cannot afford to ignore. It is with this in mind that we intend to touch on the various aspects pertaining to portable rental signs.

A Closer Look at Portable Sign Rental

Portable Sign Rentals


The first important factor to keep in mind is the fact that portable sign rentals are an excellent yet cost-effective advertising tool for your business. At Sign Guru we offer portable rental signs that can be placed by the roadside in strategic locations where they can be easily changed whenever it’s necessary.

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To sell your product or service it’s very important for your business to get the attention that it deserves so that you’re in a position to attract customers. That’s one of the reasons you need these signs, the return on investments from portable signs is really worth it especially when you compare this mode of advertising with other advertisement strategies.

Portable sign rental

The other aspect that you need to keep in mind is the fact that these portable signs provide you with many options. For instance, you can change the advertising sign message as often as you deem it necessary whether weekly, daily or even monthly. At Sign Guru, we provide you with lots of options that can be customized signs to fit your business. This mode of advertising is very crucial whenever you’re considering such events as grand openings, special events, and sales.

Why Consider Portable Rental Signs from Sign Guru?

At Sign Guru we offer you numerous options that are ideal both for the long-term and short-term advertisement. We basically give you options from which you choose the one that aligns with your marketing mix. This gives you all the control that you need without paying heavy bounties. Most importantly, our signs can be set-up and delivered efficiently and faster to your business location.

Portable Sign Rental

The Benefits to Be Derived from Portable Rental Signs

•    Easily Setup and Taken Down

•    Signs are Highly Visible

•    Great Exposure

•    Easy to Change

•    Space Maximization

Sign Guru Portable Rental Signs Product Range, Dimensions and Specs

At Sign Guru we offer a range of products that include:

•    Lighted Portable Signs

•    Mini Billboards

•    Mobile Signs

•    Portable Signs

•    Road Signs

Lighted Portable Signs

These are backlit mobile signs that give off an aura of quality and professionalism thus drawing prospective customers to your business premise. Whether during the day or night, these signs will do the job on a 24-hour basis.

The display dimensions for this sign are 5’x10′, which is the maximum surface area allowed under local bylaws for temporary advertising sign.

Illuminated Portable Signs Leduc

Some of the benefits of Rental Signs

Cost Effectiveness

At Signs Guru we give you the opportunity to work with this ideal short-term advertisement medium, we also give you control over the time constraints and how you’re going to work the rental signs.

We make the whole process hassle free

•    Apart from delivering the rental signs to your business premise, we also set them up for you.

•    We give you the opportunity to change and modify the ad copy if you deem it necessary.

•    Determining the message is also made easier as we also help you do this.

We also help you in the process of obtaining the necessary permits that are required.

Our Rental Portable Signs are Flexible

Flexibility plays a vital role in your advertising endeavors and that’s why we give you the opportunity to have viable options that will help you make the right decision regarding the way you’re going to advertise your product or services.

We do this by empowering you to have access to the design process, as opposed to custom made signs, in this case, we have you share ideas as to what you need to see in the final product.

We Are Very Professional at Sign Guru

Our rental portable signs are professionally designed with high-quality material that’s durable and outstanding. This is the kind of material that stands the test of time regardless of the adverse conditions.

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When to Use Portable Rental Signs

It’s very important to use portable rental signs during certain crucial events such as:

•    During grand openings

•    In special sales and holiday specials

•    During product introduction

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