Light Up Signage

Light Up Signage

Light up signage is the next evolution of signs.  Each type of sign has its own unique purpose, size, shape, and composition. However, a light up signage has a different impact compared to other signs. This sign can attract attention even at nighttime. Thus, this kind of sign is one of the most popular kinds of signs for years.

Light Up Signs

Light Up Signage: Things That You Need To Know

Different Kinds of Light Up Signage

There are different choices available in the market today. Here are some that you need to know about.

Signs that Light Up

  1. Neon Signs. These signs have existed for over the last 100 years. It’s a combination of the present look with a classic feel. These offer a bright, warm glow that surpass other kind of lighting signs which could be used for both interior and exterior.


  1. Lightbox Signs or Cabinet Signs. These internally illuminated signs use LED lights or a fluorescent lamp as an internal light source through a transparent panel. These affordable signs contain a panel that includes the name, logo, branding and other information regarding the company. The great news is that these signs are visible during mornings and evenings when the light comes on.


  1. Externally Lit Signs. As the name implies, these signs are illuminated externally like gooseneck or barn lights, bulbs mounted at the base of the sign, or even hidden. These external sources illuminate the sign and lights part of the signs in the shadows of an internally lit sign like this halo-lit channel letter monument sign.


  1. Digital Signs. This is also known as the Electronic Messaging Center sign or LED leaderboard. This kind of sign enables businesses to share their message to customers through a screen. It can be mounted to walls, they can be free standing, or integrated into monument signs or pylon signs. These digital signs are programmable and they can feature the company name, announcement, product images, special offers, or even animated videos. These signs can be manufactured in various sizes and resolutions.


  1. Monochrome LED signs. These are similar to digital display signs but are slightly cheaper. These traditional sign display text messages in a single color. Zoning ordinances control the kinds of signs that can be displayed in different locations. Monochrome LED signs are perfect for businesses if they are only permitted to display text with their digital signs.


  1. Halo-Lit Channel Letter Signs. These are also known as backlit or reverse-lit signs. These signs have the most sophisticated look and perfect for businesses who desire that. Each element or letter has an illuminated background and can be read from a distance. One of the benefits of this kind of light sign is that they can be lit with a lot more control. These signs are visible both during daytime and nighttime.


  1. Illuminated portable signs are used for roadside sign advertising where the sign lights up at night. Light up mobile signs are the next generation of the mini billboards that increase visibility by making the sign readable during the night. Printed lighted mobile sign rentals are affordable and less expensive than a bus shelter and are larger in size and double sided for viewing by both directions of traffic.

Light Up Signage

Light Up Signs

Different kinds of signs have their own uniqueness. Light up signage has many different kinds with different purpose. Whatever your goal is, there is a perfect type of light up signage that will enable you to reach your goals in your business. Contact Sign Guru for your needs in signs and we will offer you the best offers.