7 Profitable Uses for Portable Signs

Every business can profit from advertising with portable signs. Why? Because our highways, thoroughfares and city streets are where the majority of Canadian citizens spend a large proportion of their time when they’re not at work or home.

Regardless of whether you live in Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg or St. John’s, commuting is a fact of life for millions of Canadians across this country. The 2016 census found that 1.5 million Canadians spent at least 60 minutes commuting to work, with 854,000 of them spending that time in a car, truck or van either as driver or passenger.

For drivers, it’s important to keep one eye on road at all times, but there’s still plenty of time to look around and explore. If you’re not positioning a strategically placed custom-printed advertising sign for them to see during their commute, then you’re not taking advantage of the most cost-effective means of spending your hard-earned advertising dollars.

Portable Signs

Portable Sign

How will a Portable Sign benefit your business?

When it comes to advertising with portable roadside signs, every industry can benefit from placing a well-designed, custom-printed road sign on the curbside.

Whether you’re promoting a sale or special event, our portable advertising signs are one of the easiest ways to attract attention. With high-resolution prints in pigment-rich inks, these large, attractive street portable signs pay for themselves many times over. 

Wondering how to incorporate custom-printed advertising sign rentals into your marketing plan? Explore these profitable uses for our affordable and durable portable advertising rental signs to get inspired:

Portable Signs
  1. Product Launches

Coming up with a new product or service is a lot of work, but it doesn’t stop there. Your product could be the best thing since sliced bread, but if you don’t promote it properly, you’ll miss out on a crucial make-it-or-break-it sales window.

Now is the time to shout it from the rooftops – and the curbside. Our custom-printed portable advertising signs give you all the buzz-generating excitement and impact of a large billboard, but in a compact size that’s easy to set up right outside your business.

Portable Sign Rental
  • Services

The service industry accounts for 75% of Canadian jobs and 78% of the country’s GDP. It’s big business, but that also means big competition. When promoting new services, you can’t rely on word of mouth alone.

Placing a custom-printed portable road sign by the curb will alert customers and those passing by about the new services you’re offering, and can even trigger impulse bookings if you promote limited-time deals.

Portable Sign Advertising
  • Grand Openings

Grand openings are important events and should be treated as such. Now is not the time to be shy. Pull out all the stops (without spending a fortune) and make your grand opening a smashing success.

Promote your big debut with a custom-printed portable roadside sign to inform your community about the grand things happening at your opening. Catch the attention of passersby, pique their curiosity and lure them to your storefront with a big, bold portable sign.

Portable Road Sign
  • Classes

What does dance, sewing, finance, and Spanish have in common? They’re all taught through private lessons and special classes. When promoting your unique lessons around town you’ll find portable sign rentals to be an effective way to increase interest and inform the community.

Busy daily routines mean people are always on the go. Using a custom-printed portable signs to catch someone’s attention while they’re in transit has shown to be even more effective than advertising with print ads and flyers.

Portable Sign

Portable Lawn Signs
  • Real Estate

Perhaps one of the hardest parts of leasing or selling a property is getting the attention of potential buyers. If you want to have an impact, a small plastic sign on the grass just won’t do

Real estate agents looking for a showstopping way to promote their properties are increasingly turning to our custom-printed portable lawn signs as way to catch driver’s attention and showcase important information about the property.

Portable Business Signs
  • Work Sites

Look at any construction site and you’ll see tons of signage advertising the company performing the construction and landscaping services. Why? Because the proof is in the pudding. Every person driving by can see the quality work being done on site. While the work may speak for itself, it’s crucial to have branded signage present to speak for the company.

Is your construction or landscaping company working on a new project? Don’t downplay the great craftmanship you’ve got on display. Be loud and proud with your very own custom-printed portable sign. Our highly effective roadside advertising portable signs are portable and can move with your crew from site to site, informing admirers about how to get in contact with your company no matter where you are in town.

  • Festivals and Events

When a festival or event comes to town, everyone wants to know. These temporary events are an opportunity for the whole community to get out and enjoy something spectacular.

However, their limited-time availability creates a time-sensitive pressure – how can you spread the message about this celebration quickly and effectively? With a custom-printed portable road sign rental, of course!

Our cost-effective advertising signs allow you to stretch your advertising dollars further.  Position one (or several) in high-traffic areas weeks before the scheduled event to drum up excitement and gain your festival the attention it deserves.

Spark an Idea

There are countless ways to advertise with a roadside sign, and the examples listed above are just a few of the ways our clients have used custom-printed portable road signs to promote their business or event.

Feeling inspired, but not sure where to start? Allow us to help. We make the process of creating your very own custom-printed rental sign easy and enjoyable

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At Sign Guru, we specialize in large-format printing and sign production across a wide-range of products – from large road sign rentals and mini-billboards, to lightweight Coroplast and aluminum business signs, as well as decals, banners, magnet signs and more. Depend on our state-of-the-art digital printing equipment and richly pigmented inks to produce the very best in image quality.

We understand the need to act quickly. After all, some of history’s best marketing decisions came from a last-minute idea to capitalize on a business opportunity. That’s why we’ve streamlined our process to be as simple as possible, ensuring you can go through the ordering process quickly and stress-free, even at the 11th hour.

Portable Sign Rentals

We’re proud to say we have the fastest turnout in the market. We can have your portable sign printed and installed in as little as 48-hours after you give final approval on the design.

If you’re stuck on the design part, or don’t have any artwork to provide, our talented in-house team of graphic designers will work with you to develop a creative solution that communicates your message clearly and effectively, while accurately reflecting your brand’s look and feel. From there, our skilled technicians will print, manufacture and install your portable advertising sign on location.

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There are a lot of reasons to use a custom-printed sign to further your sales goals or promote your product, service or event. We can accommodate both large and small orders with short-term projects or long-term contracts. Our fast turnaround times mean your signs will arrive as soon as possible, and our years of experience mean you won’t be disappointed.

Whether you need a sign for a personal or commercial purpose, start by reaching the highly-attentive audience waiting just outside your door. Order your own custom-printed portable road sign today to drive traffic from the street to your front step.  

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