Eight Things to Look for in a Portable Sign Rental Company

Eight things to look for in a portable sign rental company

Do you want to advertise your business or event with a custom-printed portable sign? If so, you’re going to need the help of an experienced signage company. Before you rush out and hire someone to help, take some time to understand what you should look for in a premier sign rental company to ensure you find one capable of handling all your unique business needs.

You know your business best, and right now you know you need to advertise with a portable rental sign. Still, you are most likely not a signage expert, and you may feel out of your depth while browsing websites or speaking with pushy salesmen. How can you ensure you’re aligning yourself with a trusted partner who will provide prompt, professional service whenever you need it?

Below, we list eight things to look for before deciding to hire a custom-printed signage provider. These factors are key indicators of whether or not a sign rental company is capable of meeting your signage needs.

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  1.  High resolution

A crisp, clear, high-resolution image means your portable road sign can be seen from further away. This gives potential customers more time to notice your rental sign and take in your sales message. It gives them a moment to memorize a phone number, set a voice memo, or talk about your business with a friend. It gives them a minute to think about your offer, change lanes and take the next right into your parking lot. You have the solution to their problem, give them ample time to realize it. Choose a signage provider capable of producing high resolution images for their portable signs.

  •  Full color prints

Bright, vivid colour prints catch the eye and have statistically proven to make advertisements more noticeable. It’s attention grabbing. Exactly what you want your roadside sign to be. Choose a sign rental company who uses high-pigment inks to produce rich, vibrant images with increased colour density that can transform your ideas into high impact signage that is brilliant and appealing to the eye.

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  •  Double-sided printing included

Drivers, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians are all more alert when commuting. They keep their eyes peeled, taking in the road ahead and both shoulders. Because of this, they usually see road signs placed on both sides of the street. Seize that opportunity. Catch the attention of people coming and going from every direction with full-colour printing on both sides of your portable billboard rental sign.  

  •  Graphic design by experienced designers included

When designing your custom-printed mobile sign, it’s important to consider visibility, readability and legibility, along with your brand’s look and feel. A reputable company will have a team of experienced in-house designers to take care of everything from choosing the right file formats to increasing your portable sign’s visual appeal – they should even be able to rebuild your logo.

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You want to look for a sign rental company that can handle all aspects of the portable sign installation. From transporting and installing the equipment, to performing safety assessments and obtaining city permits – choose a rental signage company that take care of it all so you can focus on what’s important.

  •  Skilled, reliable installation team
  •  Fastest turnaround time in the market

When a business opportunity strikes, you need a responsive team capable of designing, producing and installing your portable rental sign in a matter of days. Choose a sign rental company with a full-service, in-house team who can have your portable sign rental ready as soon as possible.

Are you in urgent need of a rental sign with short notice? Our team can help – we can have your portable sign printed and installed in as little as 48 hours after you approve the design.

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  •  Customer service

Look for a custom-printed sign rental company who’ll support you with strong customer service. Remember, the relationship doesn’t end when you get your sign. What if something unexpected were to happen? You’ll want to rest assured knowing that if your portable sign ever gets damaged, the company you have hired will send someone to fix your rental sign right away.

There’s a lot more to producing a sign than just how it looks. A company with strong customer service will also handle permits and other compliance paperwork. You want a sign rental company that does more than just print. You want a full-service provider who’ll be your partner in business.

  •  Experience

A reputable and reliable custom-printed sign rental company should have lots of photos of their past work. These images should be displayed prominently and proudly, and shouldn’t be hard to find. Pay attention to the quality of their work. Check the company’s website and social media channels for examples, as well as testimonials from current and past clients. Images should show custom-printed signs with crisp, clear, high-resolution prints, while also being properly installed and well-maintained.

Take note of whether the company has more than one location. If a custom-printed sign rental company has not only been in business for several years, but has also grown during that time, then they are probably going to stay in business. Align yourself with a signage provider who you can rely on for years to come.

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Full-service provider

When it comes down to it, the best sign rental companies are the ones who can do it all. Design, print, install, service, and handle all the permit administration and compliance issues. By offering all these services in-house, a full-service sign rental company demonstrates they have the capability and expertise required to offer complete, comprehensive signage solutions for your business. Don’t settle for second best. Look for a sign rental company who will go the extra mile.

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At Sign Guru, that’s exactly the kind of service we’re proud to offer. We have a proven portfolio and a team of skilled professionals capable of providing you with the very best experience.  Our roadside advertising signs come in a range of sizes, and our friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff can tell you which sizes are compatible with your municipality’s bylaws.

Are you curious about what our custom-printed portable and mobile road signs can do for your business? Let’s chat. We’ll provide you a comprehensive consultation and quote for free.

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