Mini billboard advertising may look easy. But it isn’t. With so few words to use, you have to ensure each one packs a punch.

Off the top of your head, can you state why a customer should shop at your establishment or buy your product – in seven words or less?

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Most people can’t. We’re used to having a conversation. We’re used to explaining and elaborating on the many benefits of our products or services. But a driver only has a few precious seconds to get the gist of what you’re saying – what you want them to know most about your company.

And if that’s not high stakes enough, remember that what you say must also intrigue and inspired them to take steps to find out more.  

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No pressure, right?

Here are a few key tips to help you craft the most compelling message for your mini-billboard.


The content on your roadside mini-billboard sign will only be visible for a few seconds, at best. To ensure your road sign is effective, aim to communicate without a lot of words. The fact is, most drivers stop reading after five or six words. 

Take a moment to think: what can you say to sell your product, service or business so succinctly?

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Don’t waste precious space on website addresses or telephone numbers. People never retain those details. However, a strong brand impression will keep your business top of mind. A simple search on an internet browser will provide people with your contact information.

Instead, focus on leaving drivers with a positive impression of your business, one that makes them want to seek out your phone number or web address in the first place. Once on your website, they’ll be able to learn a whole lot more about all the wonderful things you have to offer them.  

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There are two main approaches worth pursuing when crafting a message for your mini-billboard road sign.

  1. Appeal to someone’s logic by focusing on a benefit of your product or service.
  2. Make an emotional appeal and connect with your customer on their pain points.

For example, here are some headlines you could use on a mini-billboard promoting a theoretical pizza shop.


“We offer the most affordable slice in town.”

“Free delivery.”

“Always fresh and hot”.


“No time to cook? Take your next right.”

“What’s a party without pizza?”.

“Home is where the pizza is.”

Both logic-based and emotional-based headlines have proven to be successful in connecting with customers. No matter which route you choose, try to take the essence of your idea and form it into a short slogan rather than a full sentence.

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This is going to sound harsh, but the truth is nobody cares about what you are selling. Even the best sale prices or year-end-clearance promotions don’t really resonate. But everyone is in tune with what they need, want or desire. Reframe what you have to offer as a solution that helps someone, or tell them about a benefit they can use to their advantage.

A call to action is an effective way to engage a viewer. In fact, it may be the most essential piece of copy on any advertisement. Your call to action is what drives people to do what you want them to do next.

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Typically, you might ask your next potential customer to:

  • Buy your product
  • Visit your web site
  • Stop by your shop
  • Place an order
  • Follow you on social media

Simple instructions with a clear directive. Almost anything can be a call to action as long as you’re instructing readers to take specific steps once they’ve finished viewing your mini-billboard sign.

Did you know that people retain more information for longer when they’re actively doing something with that information?

When it comes to call-to-action marketing, that information is your business: your products, services, or sales.

A call-to-action campaign motivates with great results because it appeals to our human instinct to learn by doing. When people see your mini-billboard and read your message, they feel compelled to take action – while also subconsciously learning more about your company.

A call-to-action campaign works best in short term runs. Adding a call to action to your next campaign can reach and influence a higher percentage of your target audience during a shorter time frame. Useful for all types of advertising, a call to action is especially useful when executing time sensitive campaigns, launching new products or informing people of seasonal specials. With a call to action, you’ll be able to capture consumers’ attention and inspire them to act upon a particular promotion immediately.

Ultimately, you know your business best, and you know what you want to your customers to do. Make sure your mini-billboard tells them this in the most simple and straightforward way.

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Mini-billboards are an essential part of any marketing plan. They are the top of your funnel. While it’s true they can direct customers from the road to your door very quickly, the true goal of your mini-billboard is awareness.

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More often than not, a viewer won’t immediately buy your product after seeing your road sign. However, if you carefully craft the message promoted on your roadside mini-billboard, they will remember your business and it’s unique offering when they find themselves in need of your product or service.

Before you write the message for your next mini billboard campaign, consider the needs of your next potential customer.

They need enough time to read it, so keep it short. They need to be able to absorb and understand it, so keep it simple. And above all else, they need to need it, so make sure you let them know this is the solution they’ve been waiting for.